In our building we do have a kind of strange mix between lunch, take out and shop.
Well... for the Dutch it is strange;  its quite common in Spain and Italy!

What all do we sell in our shop?

Olive oil
We sell about 7 different kinds of olive oil from tap.
It goes from the soft oil from Lesbos to the fresh Green olive oil from Sicily. Or from the elegant and fragrant olive oil from the tiny taggiasca olives of Liguria to the strong and peppery oil fram Tuscany.
All extra vergine.
You just take that empty bottle Chateau Petrus with you and fill it with other heavenly fluid!
Or you let us tap in one of our own bottles. Beside these olive oils, we often receive 'specialties' from privat properties. These excelent olive oils we sell in a labeled bottle.

Balsamic vinegar
No it is not a trend; it is a basic flavour. But a complex flavour!
We sell balsamico from 4 years to 25 years old. In elegant bottles.
Excelent quality from the small and respected house Mussini.
Besides these traditional Balsamics we also sell balsamico with added fruit pulp
Like the date/fig-balsamico and the forest fruit-balsamico.
Last but not least we sell a matured balsamic and a balsamic vinegar with white truffle.

The real Tuscan Nougat is a whole world to discover! Soft tasty nougat in more tha 10 different flavours.

Al the other goodies:
Like quality wines, vinaigrettes, sauces and mayonaise from BioBandits, Black salt from the volcano, Italian Cookies, Swiss truffles, seasonings,

Lunch at Me Gusta!

Having lunch at Me Gusta! is always a happening.
Many different nationalities come together everyday to take a bite in our tasty sandwiches.
If you are just a bit lucky, you might meet some people you know!
With choices in more than 30 different sandwiches, salads, pasta's and tapas it is a challenge to not find something of your kind.
Everything fresh made with a good sense of taste.
Just try our salad with chicken and avocado or our goat cheese salad with truffel vinaigrette!

But be shure to reserve a table.... its not to big!


Dear Foreign Guests,

In the coming period I wil take some time to translate some essential information on our site in English.
This will not be in perfect English.
We prefer to have a site in not perfect English above not having a English site at all.

The most important thing I'll do first, is putting our catering leaflets online:
Let's begin with

Our leaflet for banquet:

Meanwhile, when you have any questions about parties, buffets and dishes;
please contact me bij email or telephone.

Carl (06 14638808) 
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